Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The bigger they are...

Mighty Colossi
Like the towering redwoods
But with more lasers

I think Colossi are one of the cooler new units in SC2. A lot of the units are just repeats from SC1 with slight upgrades, or re-imaginings of prior units. For example, Hellions and Reapers are very similar to Vultures, and Vikings fill a lot of the same roles that Wraiths did.

But the Colossus is really something new. A massive Protoss unit, a unit that can climb walls, a ground unit that gives air sight and can be shot by air-only units, a unit with a splash attack in a horizontal line, these are all new traits. And as much as I like homages to classic SC gameplay, I think it's vital to throw new things into the mix, so the game remains vibrant and interesting.

I'm sure we'll see even more originality in SC2's upcoming expansions. And, if Blizzard follows tradition, perhaps we will see Dark Colossi, which are like... cloaked... or something. Sure, that'd be balanced!

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