Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't fear the Reaper

Don't fear the reaper
And fear not the death he brings
At least since his nerf

I mean since his build time and upgrades were nerfed, what does this guy reap anymore? Is his scythe made of plastic now? Is his pale horse actually a motor scooter now?

Seriously though, isn't it interesting how buffs and nerfs in Starcraft patches have affected play styles? I remember that before Zealot training time was increased a few seconds, I saw a lot of early Zealot rushes. Now not so much, Protoss players seem to wait for warpgates to launch their attack (or more likely, the people who did 4-Zealot rushes are now doing 6-pool ling rushes!).

And so with the poor Reaper. Since the patch that nerfed them went live, I didn't even see a single Reaper for dozens of games. Whereas before, it felt like 1 in 3 Terran players opened with them. Granted, this is all flavored by the lower leagues I play in, but it's amazing to me how subtle changes (some in game balance numbers, and some mere in perception) can affect the whole metagame and play experience!

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