Monday, February 14, 2011

Tanks... you're welcome!

Crucio Siege Tank
Cannon blasts like thunderbolts
Zerglings? What Zerglings?

There's just something about Siege Tanks. They're a simple unit conceptually, I guess... just a basic armored tank that can get extra firepower in exchange for becoming stationary. But in practice, nothing beats a well-executed siege mode. Those powerful cannons firing off, their drum beat marking the last few moments of your enemies' lives... just beautiful. Where before there was a whole field of Hydralisks, now there is just a fine red mist.

With how powerful Siege Tanks are, both for defense and for laying siege to enemy fronts, it's no wonder so much Terran play is colored by their use. Vikings are often described as air-superiority fighters, and I would submit that tanks are your basic ground-superiority units. Tanks do have weaknesses, including of course air units and fast melee surrounds, but when they get a chance to play to their strength, they're the epitome of Terran firepower.

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