Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is Jimmy

Raise your glass to our boy Jimmy Ray
Of us all he has cause for dismay
When Mengst sent him offworld
The Zerg got to his girl
And they made her their own Queen of Blades!

But now Jimmy was no mere abider
And he hated the Zerg genes inside her
So with a last-minute scheme
And a deus-ex-machine
He caught her and de-zergified her!

Enough haiku, time for some limericks! This one comes in two parts, conveniently reducing the storylines of SC1/Broodwar and SC2 into one stanza each. Efficient, no?

The character of Jimmy Raynor has changed a lot in Starcraft 2. It's set years later, and much has changed in the universe, and with good old Jimmy. (Not to mention a bit of ret-conning, but hey, it's science fiction, we're lucky Jimmy isn't a half-Protoss cyborg vampire-hunter by now).

But when it all comes down to it, he's still good old Jim Raynor. Rough and tumble, scruffy rascal on the outside, heart of gold inside. I think we all have fond memories of hearing our boy answer our calls with "This is Jimmy."

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